viernes, 5 de junio de 2020

#EuroMillions 28 million and rain of millions: odds, clubs, playgroups from Europe PLAY NOW !. Draw June 5, 2020

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from Spain and any country,
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EuroMillions draw: 45
Numerological: * 6V*
Numerological draw Nº: 139

(summary of probability systems )
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Euromillion odds systems

(CYCLES table of all numbers in the draw )
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Placing EuroMillions with Cycle Odds



You can now download your new APIS-aut file, read more on the download page.
With an average of € 100 in draw prizes, GUARANTEED !, this file
can become your favorite !:
* you must click on any of the APIS you wish to download *

254 APIS-aut: xx,xx€

*The best APIS, where you will find winners are in the following groups:
S41LB between 10 to 47
S46 between 8 to 10

31 APIS 4.0: xx,xx€

49 APIS 4.01: xx,xx€

40 APIS 4.02 xx,xx€

***   ***

 You want the calculation systems, before the draw?

Dear followers:

We have changed the delivery mode of the probabilities. We have a group on Facebook where we publish each draw our systems and their results.

If you want to continue using our probabilities COMPLETELY FREE, you just have to send us a request to add you to our group, at the following link:

In the application questions, you must indicate that you are a follower of the Euromillions blog, to identify yourself and admit your request.

*With our bets ... you always win prizes! *

New files, new opportunities to win!

***** Betting with safe values:  *****

If you want to know more about what the APIS are
Read our article with all the history of the project on
updating theUn 'cachito' de RESISTIRÉ, 
 APIS Rev.4.0

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