jueves, 18 de mayo de 2017

Euromillones more economic, only here!

In Spain you can already find Euromillions tickets, cheaper than in an administration!

It is the magnificent news that we have received, in the last newsletter, the platform that we promote.

This week, queues in local administrations, officially selling the Euromillions European lottery, receive a large number of customers, who come in search of a ticket for the mega lottery of Euromillions.

But also, increasingly, there are users who have come to know this super platform and begin to play online, because it offers for the draw of the Euromillions a super promotion:

A single line ticket: € 2.20
30 cents more economical 
That in a lottery administration

It is important to note that the prizes won when playing on this platform are paid completely free of taxes (unlike the prizes you win through Lotteries and State Bets). These prizes are subject to a tax of up to 20% retained by the Tax Agency.

But ... how can this be possible?

We explain it in a very simple way:

From Spain you can buy through the platform, in the office that this platform has in Austria, playing the same lottery Euromillions that you always play, but paying much less for higher prizes.

Any player, from all over the world, including Spain, can order 100% safe tickets for Euromillions, with the basic 3 line pack.

The platform's messaging service is coming out in various media news because of the large number of players around the world who use the service.

The mechanism of your purchase

In Austria, the local office of the platform will buy the official ticket of the euromillions (the paper, the real, in hand, through its employees), on behalf of the player, and keep it in the safe of their offices.
One of the guarantees of the platform, is that, will scan the ticket that can only be seen by the player who bought it, on its website in English.

For example, if the Friday draw, a player from Spain wins the boat, he will be notified of the prize and automatically make his trip to Austria to collect it, free of taxes and without commissions.

Reasons such as those mentioned, in addition to other promotions and campaigns make the platform's popularity is constantly growing in Spain, and in the rest of the world.

Here are some other examples:

- A few weeks ago, a taxi driver from Moscow took the jackpot in the Austrian lottery.
- A year ago, a Baghdad player won $ 6.4 million in a USA lottery
- A retiree from El Salvador won $ 1 million in Powerball.

You can see more examples and promotions in the site, do not take more time!, Click on any of the banners of this post.


1.  Remember: you are playing in Austria, not in Spain, so the promotion of 'the million', exclusive of Spain, you will not have it in the tickets you buy ... but if you win a great prize, surely it is better to win it in Austria, duty free.

2.  In our post of probabilities also you will have the banners of euromillions of Austria, so that you do not forget to play them here.

** IMPORTANT: Before joining you must read the terms and conditions of the platform. By registering, you are automatically accepting the terms and conditions of the platforms we published in our blogs and websites. You should also read our Legal Notice regarding these platforms. ** REMEMBER: These platforms are exclusively for over 18 years. Gambling is fun when you play responsibly. Do not let it become a vice that can destroy you and your family. ** You come to visit the best online European lotteries **

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