martes, 21 de marzo de 2017

A big jackpot of #powerball is as healthy as sleeping well

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Sleep well ... healthier than winning a lottery jackpot?

Studies from several universities say that the required average sleep time should be between seven and nine hours, although it varies in each person.

It depends on the physical and mental characteristics of each person, so that he needs certain hours of sleep: lifestyle, age, way of life, etc., are some of the factors. On the other hand everyone can ... win the pot regardless of their gender, age or their genes!

Studies show that the quality of sleep helps health and provides happiness and has great success. After analyzing more than 30,000 people for four years, scientists showed that sleeping well helps good mood, comparable to To win a big jackpot Of, for example, $ 250,000.

While it is true that sleep is an effective method to better your health, it is also true and, of course, more effective the big boat!

So do not miss this opportunity that we offer you to participate in the Big powerball drawing, Of this Wednesday. The giant jackpot is now in the 150,000 dollars that, surely, they will take away the dream !.

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