lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2016

Christmas Lottery 2016 Spain. You still have not found your tenth? We might have it here, play NOW!

 odds Christmas Lottery 2016 Spain

* This is the most millionaire week of the year!
If it's too late to buy your tenth dream
.. and there is no way to find it anywhere
You might find it in the
There are still many tenths left!
You're on time ... but do not delay, they're over! *

Try your luck with our odds!

The most likely completions, the boxes of the balls, the optimized bets and the 'numbers dreamed' you have them in our
We have included a last number dreamed ... you should take it into account and look for it ... it might be that touch

In case you did not know, we tell you some of our curiosities:
Last year we offered:

* The completion of the first prize
Of a group of only 3 numbers
* One of our 'dream numbers' obtained
100 € in prizes .. we were only one

Number to win 2nd prize

2.310 million euros!
For a warm winter:

*Plays with responsibility*

The largest prize in the world: € 2.31 trillion, 100,000 numbers available, each contains a five-digit code ranging from 00000 to 99999
165 identical copies of each ticket are printed
All tickets consist of 10-tenths, which can be purchased separately
100,000 tickets * 165 copies * 10 tenths = 160 million tenths in the market!
Odds of winning from 1: 100,000 € 4 million jackpot: 165 fat winning tickets
Odds of winning start at 1: 7 per prize
In total, more than 24 million ways to win

The national annual draw of the Spanish Christmas Lottery
It is known locally, as the Christmas Draw. This raffle started a little more than 200 years ago in 1812 and takes place every year during the Christmas season.

 odds Christmas Lottery 2016 Spain

This draw is the focus of countless commercials, news and stories in the months prior to the draw. 98% of Spanish adults place their bets on the annual draw and millions of people watch how the students of the San Ildefonso School sing the winning numbers in the Hall of the National Lottery of Madrid. Having 15,304 ways to win with each ticket, the festive event usually lasts three hours and continues until the entire prize pool has been delivered.

The Christmas Lottery prints 100,000 five digit codes ranging from 00000 to 99999.
Due to the popularity of the game, 165 copies of each ticket are printed.

The ticket is divided into 10 parts, called "tenths", which can be purchased separately.

This formula explains the large number of tenths in the market for the draw on December 22 of this year: 100,000 tickets
* 165 copies * 10 tenths = 165 million tenths

The distribution of prizes, the number of tickets and tenths and their prices may vary from year to year.

For example, in 2004, there were 66,000 different bills with five digits in 195 copies.

In 2005, the number of tickets on sale was 85,000, which were offered in 170 copies.

In 2011, there were 99,000 tickets printed on 160 copies.

And the great news of the 2016 Christmas Lottery is that there will be 165 series.

In this case, there will be 165 10-cent notes and the formula to be applied will be as follows:

100,000 tickets * 165 copies * 10 tenths = 165 million tenths.

Source: thelotter

Good luck this year!

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