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Big Friday Euromillions, official report changes

 big friday euromillions

Big Friday EuroMillions draw report changes

The great Euromillions lottery europe, can go on to become one of the largest in the world.

First, Big Friday EuroMillions, is part of a set of modifications that we will explain.

minimum jackpot

From 15 to 17 million.

Draws specific to each country

Spain: The Million

Every Friday there will be a normal Friday ... to be a SUPER Friday!

Because Millon will always be a special day full of awards.

You will be part of the draw automatically, you need not do anything different.

In the ticket you buy (Tuesday or Friday), will form a code like this:

 big friday euromillions, the million

Do you live outside Europe or Spain?

Nothing happens, no problem, you just have to play on the platforms that we promote

Their representatives will be responsible for buying the tickets, click on the banner and to start winning real money !:

 big friday euromillions

* This mode starts from September 24, 2016 *

France: My Million

It will continue to develop as before, so that there will be no changes

UK: Millionaire Maker

English lottery will award two players draw at home. Mega Friday also renamed Mega Week, offering players many more chances to win big prizes.

Other member countries

They will be specific drawings provided for each country.

Rain of millions

and ... if that were not enough, with the same ticket, also will participate in special drawings a year, the first will be October 1, 2016:

Get 25 prizes of one million euros each!

Therefore, you will have access to more prizes, so easy.

In addition, so there is no confusion, the code for those special participation is another, look:

rain of millions

Big Friday

Also, they try to special draws, as before, the one hundred million.

These boats have risen to a staggering

130 million euros!

 big friday

* Friday, September 30, 2016, the first special draw *

An additional star

This star makes the odds change, because varying combinations for optimized bets.

As a result of including an additional star, decreasing chances of winning the big jackpot for each drawing is notorious.

All this incredible amount of awards are included to compensate for decreased odds.

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