jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2014

The big Christmas in Spain: Christmas lottery world's largest

It is estimated that the lottery draw christmas Spain is bought by 98% of its population. This December 22 awards totaling spread and historical record: 2,240 million euros !.

This lottery is deeply rooted in the Spanish town, being its first appearance in 1812, with the aim of raising revenue for the state, without creating new taxes.

  The structure of this Sweepstakes is:

we tenths

The tenth is the minimum component, ie, it is the least that can be purchased.
10/10 up a ticket.


The fraction is the numbering each ticket 10/10.
The series is the numbering of banknotes, starting from number 0 to the last series to be issued. Each year has its own structure, determined by the Lotteries and Gaming.

For 2014, the distribution is as follows:

Series: 180
Tickets: 100,000 Price: 200 € / ticket or ticket, € 20 / tenth

The draw ceremony is also very characteristic and unique. Since the night before the enclosure remains sealed and closed with 3 different keys. Draft day (December 22), opens at 08h: 00 o'clock and after all the preparations in the presence of the public and authorities, the draw starts at 09h: 15, approximately.

The balls extracted from the drums and sing (a tradition), children of San Ildefonso College.

During the draw there is a team that posted through computers, each and every one of the apparitions of the winning numbers, so that in less than 1 hour, then closed the draw list available officer awards, distributed the same evening of 22 to all administrations of lotteries, media and internet.

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