miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2017

Father's Day. National Lottery of Spain. If you can not find your tenth ... you might find it here. Draw 19 of March of 2017.

Father's Day. National Lottery of Spain.

Special drawing of the National Lottery of Spain:
Father's Day!

Try luck with our numbers,
Very few are left!

*Plays with responsibility*

There are only 30 tickets left, approximately, they are taken as biscuits! - 10 Jackpots in the first category and many more prizes from the second level. Up to 10 categories are at stake!

We will stop accepting the entries of the lottery of the National Lottery of Spain "The Father", until tomorrow night.

The National Father's Day Lottery 2017 draw for Spain is your ideal time to join us.

Take part in this draw that we have been promoting for some time and get your tickets immediately, their number is limited!

The draw for Father's Day is traditional among Spaniards and foreign residents, because it manages to make as many people happy as possible.

Unlike other lottery games that reward a few winners, the National Lottery of Spain gets thousands of big winners. The game distributes 70% of its funds to the winners.

Last year the first prize was number 91885. The second prize, distributed 250,000 euros of the series and corresponded to the number 7767. And the endings 4,5 and 6 obtained 20 euros.

Lotería Nacional: Prize Pool is 105M euro!

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